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Monthly Archives: July 2016


the city of culture and art

The history of Athens goes way back in time. Since the mythical era, Goddess Athena gave her name to this city that has contributed so much to the world history and civilization. Since the Classical Period and the creation of Arts and Sciences, Athens gave the world her lights!

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The island that never sleeps! The ultimate cosmopolitan destination. The most popular island of Greece. The Queen of Cyclades. The island that never sleeps. Celebrities from all over the world travel here every summer, to enjoy luxurious holidays! This island has a weird energy, immediately felt as soon as you set foot on it. It’s…
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Saint John Mykonos Hotel

When luxury meets sensation

Saint John Mykonos Hotel, an idyllic stunning oasis silhouetted against the clear blue skyline of Mykonos island and located on a 20,000 square meter stretch of pristine coastline in Agios Ioannis, where Shirley Valentine's movie was filmed.

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San Marco Luxury Hotels & Villas

Where comfort meets luxury

With its classic, timeless value, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos needs no introduction. A mere picture is enough: the one of waves crashing below the balconies of Little Venice, or of the old windmills which stand proudly on the small hill just outside the town.

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