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The island that never sleeps!

The ultimate cosmopolitan destination. The most popular island of Greece. The Queen of Cyclades. The island that never sleeps. Celebrities from all over the world travel here every summer, to enjoy luxurious holidays!

This island has a weird energy, immediately felt as soon as you set foot on it. It’s the way everybody is dressed, talks and moves. Everything you have actually heard about this island is true. The narrow streets that form a maze, the white houses, with the neat backyards, the excellent tourism infrastructure, the cosmopolitan flair, the vigorous night life, the amazing golden sand beaches, the gourmet restaurants.

City Characteristics


The island’s architecture strictly follows the Cycladic style. Small white, cubic houses, with non-tiled roofs, blue shutters, fuchsia bougainvilleas, churches with colorful domes and picturesque windmills. The way houses are designed and built has one purpose only; to protect people from the extremely strong winds. Besides, Mykonos is known as “The Windy Island”.

Who says that there is only one Venice? Mykonos has its own Venice. Venetian style houses, built literally in the water, with colorful wooden roofs, Little Venice is actually one of the most photographed parts of the island.


Start your day in one of the most glamorous sandy beaches of the island and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters. If you want to gaze at famous Hollywood celebrities, you have got to go to Psarrou.

Platys Gialos is a very well organized and popular beach, with many hotel resorts. Super Paradise is a hot spot. An amazing long sandy beach, with lots of beach bars where fun never stops! The island actually has lots of other beaches, some of which are less crowded, like Elia, Ag. Ioannis and Ornos. You will enjoy swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, but also a good massage from the comfort of your sun bed! All the beaches have restaurants, taverns and nice cozy bars.


The Hora of Mykonos is the hot spot for wild nightlife! In Hora, visitors will highly enjoy the biggest night club in Cyclades, which organizes parties with internationally known DJs. Of course, there are also bars and clubs outside the famous Hora, which are definitely worth a visit.

In Mykonos you will find a lot of beach bars, located on the most popular beaches. The beach bars are crowded from very early in the afternoon, when everybody starts off with a coffee or even a cold beer, after swimming. Gradually after sunset, these bars turn into clubs with very loud music, awesome cocktails and drinks, where everybody dances having a fabulous time. There is no other island that has bars and clubs that open at 4pm and close early in the morning or even at noon; famous Cavo Paradiso is the place to be!!!

However, there are other bars which are more relaxed and cozy, ideal for a more quiet time. Generally speaking, Mykonos has numerous alternatives as far as leisure is concerned, for every hour of the day and for every mood!

The market

Like we said Mykonos is the ultimate cosmopolitan destination. Its market actually hosts some of the most famous boutiques of the world, with haute couture for men and women, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and so much more. Celebrities are seen there every day, strolling in Hora, buying all sorts of things!

There are also numerous shops that sell souvenirs and folk art objects that will remind you of your unforgettable vacations in the Windy Island. In Hora you will also find the excellent bookshop “Vivlio” (which means Book). All stores are open until 2am, something very rare for an island.