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the city of culture and art

The history of Athens goes way back in time. Since the mythical era, Goddess Athena gave her name to this city that has contributed so much to the world history and civilization.

Since the Classical Period and the creation of Arts and Sciences, Athens gave the world her lights!

This is why it was justifiably named “The Cradle of Civilization”. During, the Golden Age and under Pericles’ administration, Athens experienced a cultural booming, that later defined the foundations of the Western European Culture. The visitor will get the chance to see the monuments, the sights, the historical neighborhoods and the museums and get in touch with the city’s glorious past.

City Characteristics


The Sacred Rock. The architectural wonder. A high aesthetics masterpiece. Acropolis could actually be the only reason for you to visit Athens. Propylaea, the colossal entrance, open the doors to Ancient Greece and welcome everybody to the Parthenon, the Erechthion and the Temple of Niki. Enjoy, admire and respect this monumental wonder of Ancient Greece and feel the special energy of the ancient rock that protects Athens since 432 B.C..

The new Acropolis museum

Since June 2009, the new Acropolis Museum is the pride of the city. State-of-the-art technology, impressive modern architecture, more than 4.000 exhibits, from the Neolithic Era until the Middle Ages. During construction, a vast archeological site was discovered. On the ground floor of the museum, as well as in the courtyard, there are glass floors, from where you can admire the remnants of the ancient city, which was recently revealed. Even though it opened in just 2009, the museum has already attracted millions of visitors from all over the world!

The Philopappou Hill

This is a location of extreme historical importance. An exceptional place that enjoys a wonderful view of the Acropolis, the Salamina island, Athens and the surrounding mountains. During the summer, this hill transforms into a live theater, where dancers with traditional costumes perform numerous Greek folk dances.

Walking down the Philopappou Hill, you will find yourself in the foot of Pnyka, where the greatest philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates etc., were gathering and discussing…