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When the boat approaches the port of Athinios, you will feel the energy. You will feel the intensity of the landscape and the magic of this unbelievable natural beauty. Just look up. Dazzling little white houses are hanging on the cliffs. The imposing volcanic rocks will almost scare you and the dark blue water will amaze you. Can you imagine? Maybe the secret of Atlantis is indeed hiding somewhere between Santorini and the islets of Palaia and Nea Kammeni, where the volcano is. This island is so uniquely distinctive and so different from everything you have seen in your entire life.

Caldera is picture perfect. Like a painting. No matter where you stand. Either on a boat overlooking the wild beauty or sipping cold wine on a top of the cliff, checking out the cruise ships that dock underneath, the blue sky, the islets across and the deep blue bay, you will surely feel uniquely. Everything seems so harmoniously blended. Everything looks too beautiful to be true. At a certain point you might wonder… are you really there? Does this place really exist?

A terrible volcano eruption that took place hundreds of years ago, gave Santorini its current topogeographical appearance. Parts of the island sunk in the deep Caldera waters and the nearby islets were created. The peculiarity of the landscape characterizes the beaches of the island as well. Some deep red, some totally black, depending on the pebbles or the sand that cover them.

All the villages built on Caldera are stunning. Small white houses, narrow streets, fuchsia bougainvilleas, neat backyards and gardens, white chapels with blue domes. All that in combination with the numerous bars, cafes, clubs, taverns and gourmet restaurants create the ultimate cosmopolitan holiday destination! A beauty so obvious, distinctive and undisputable.

City Characteristics

The architecture

Santorini demonstrates a unique architectural style. Almost all the houses are like caves sort of carved in the rocks. This is exactly what makes them unique. Each one is as different as the land they are built upon. You will have the chance to live in one of those caved rooms, if you choose one of the hotels, located mainly in Fira, Oia or Imerovigli.

Due to the peculiar architectural infrastructure, transportation still largely depends on donkeys. This is a long tradition for the people who live in Santorini, but for the tourists it’s an attraction.


The volcanic soil has given the beaches of Santorini a distinctive look. Perissa is known as the famous Black Beach, due to its big black pebbles, the Red Beach is an impressive coast accessible only by a small dirt road and is surrounded by red rocks and red pebbles, and finally the White Beach, full of white pebbles and sand, is also famous. Perivolos is the most popular and well organized beach of the island, attracting most of the visitors. You may also visit the beaches of Vlyhada, Ag. Georgios, Ammoudi and Baxedes.

Weddings and Honeymoons

There is nothing like a wedding ceremony with the famous Santorini sunset in the background. Hundreds of weddings take place here every year! A fantastic ceremony in one of the luxurious hotels that are literally hanged on the Caldera cliffs is definitely what you are dreaming of.

Fabulous honeymoon suites are available in most of the upscale hotels, which offer exclusive services to the newlyweds. One thing is for sure. This honeymoon will certainly be unforgettable, as there is no better way to start your life in this exceptionally beautiful place.

Tourism for all types of needs

Santorini besides being an extremely popular holiday destination, it also hosts numerous conferences and symposia, since all the major hotels have fully equipped conference centers.

Most of the trails and paths of the island are well preserved in order to maintain their original appearance. Let yourselves wander in the narrow streets, visit the local art shops, especially in Oia, and discover old mansions and hidden cozy bars.

Santorini has some of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece, since it hosts the oldest prehistoric fully functional settlement, dated around 4.500 B.C. The visitors should also check out the remnants of ancient temples and walls that can be found scattered around the island.

The island is obviously interesting for those who engage in geological research and study, due to the distinctive morphology of the terrain.

Local products

The volcanic soil is dry, however fertile enough, due to its rich ingredients. Santorini is famous for the yellow split peas, the baby tomatoes, the white eggplants, the caper and of course the wine.

Today there are more than 40 wine varieties. Among the white wines the most widely known ones are Athiri, Aidani, Nichteri and Asyrtiko, while among the red wines Mandilaria, Boidomato and Mavrotragano are quite popular. However, the most famous wine of all is the sweet Vinsanto, which is served sort of like desert.

Night life

Santorini has numerous alternatives as far as entertainment is concerned, mainly in Fira and Oia. The night life is vigorous and the bars, clubs and cafes are usually open and jam-packed all day. The night life in Oia is more quiet and romantic, with cozy bars and cafes overlooking the Aegean’s infinite blue!